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We pay you for every client you successfully refer for property management

How Our Referral Program Works

Refer a Client to Us

Simply fill out the form below to submit a referral to us; we'll review your submission quickly & get the ball in motion.

We Contact the Client

We'll connect with your client and walk them through the sales process, answering any questions or concerns they have.

We Pay You

Earn 25% of the first month's rent as a referral commission for every client who chooses to sign a property management contract with us.

Why Refer Clients to Us?

Keep Your Client Relationships

When you send us business, you don't need to end your partnership with your clients. We'll take care of your client's property management needs & if they choose to sell later, we'll send them back to you.

Protect Yourself Against Risk

Leave things like leasing, accounting, and evictions to the professionals; every time you take on these responsibilities, you assume additional risk. Let our management pros do the hard stuff for you.

We Offer a Written Agreement

It's important to us that you feel comfortable partnering with us. Our referral agreement outlines the ins and outs of our partnership, ensuring we are both on the same page and you know what to expect working with us.

We'll Make You Look Good

Your client will have a great time working with our team; you can rest assured they're in great hands and they'll be thankful you sent them to a Cincinnati property management team who gets great results.

Earn Unlimitted Referral Fees

Every time you send us a client and they sign a contract, you'll earn 25% of one month's rent as a referral commission. Use the calculator below to determine how much you could earn annually by sending us referrals.

How Much Can You Make?

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Some Sample Numbers

Monthly Rent
1yr Earnings From Just
2 Referrals/Month
Just 1yr of Protected Sales

Our Clients Love Us

Highly Recommended

"Kent's knowledge of the city of Cincinnati - its properties, history, current investment potential, and value trends - really gave me a leg up while exploring for real estate investments, flips, and income producing property. In the Cincinnati market, as in any city - it really helps to have the inside scoop. I highly recommend aligning with Kent for best possible outcome."

Grant Groom

I Have Complete Confidence & Peace of Mind

"I have had tenancy for two plus years now and most recently signed on for another five years. I made the decision to re-sign for a longer lease term because of my experience with Kent Hardman. When 'surprises' have arisen with the property over the course of the last two plus years, I have reached out and Kent has handled each occurrence, immediately. I am extremely busy throughout my days, and it gives me complete confidence and peace of mind knowing that I can rely on Kent to facilitate and manage any surprises that come my way. Kent has been an incredibly respectful and fair negotiator and property owner. We have developed quite a great rapport, one I am grateful to have. I look forward to the next five years (and hopefully more) of my tenancy with Kent. It's been a great experience!"

Angela Packer

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